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March 13th 2020
Anti Contact
In accordance with official measures in Denmark to stop the spread of Corona virus, we are gonna go Anti Contact for the next couple of weeks.
Most movement facilities have closed down and classes are cancelled.
CI-CPH offers a different Saturday program, ’no proximity’ practices of solo improvisation, authentic movement and outdoor site specific.


Solo Practice, ‘no proximity’ explorations
4-7pm @ Commedia School and outdoors (50kr)
location : Strandlodsvej 69, 2300 København, big hangar, 1st. floor

Tuesdays  are currently cancelled, Absalon is closed
Contact Improvisation Class
6.15-7.45 pm @
Absalon (50kr)
Sønder Blvd. 73, 1720 København, balcony 1st floor

New to CI? – warmly recommended to take classes before attending jams, wear comfortable long sleeve/pants, knee-pads optional.