The CI guide

What is CI-CPH?
CI-CPH is short for Contact Improvisation Copenhagen. CI-CPH is a non-profit organisation that offers classes, jams, workshops and other events related to contact improvisation and dance improvisation.
CI-CPH is a community of engaged dancers and movers, of experienced teachers, of beautiful musicians.
We dance because we love to dance.

What is contact improvisation?
Contact Improvisation is a dance and improvisation technique that helps develop our sense of being present and immediately responsive, an approach to listening, to your own body, to your dance partners, and engaging with space and gravity. Contact Improvisation offers great tools for partner work, for new movement discoveries, and for re-alignment. The training is a fun combination of technical exploration, research and dance improvisation, a playful and open forum that continues to be developed by dancers and teachers all over the world.

Why contact improvisation? 
CI makes our bodies confident and aware, enhances our natural sense of connectivity, of rhythm and responding from the body. Practicing Contact Improvisation helps us move in the “now”, and to re-connect with the natural confidence and playfulness of our childhood bodies. Contact improvisation allows us to be in non-verbal dialogue and connect physically with other dancers, to explore and study in a safe environment.

What to expect in a class or workshop?
Contact Improvisation is equally popular among men and women, and CI partner dancing is not gender specific; you dance with both same and opposite sex. There are no given steps, but principles and techniques to be explored, on the floor and in the air, from slow to fast. The basic techniques are available to anyone who likes to move and dance.
A class or workshops is usually moving from the basic principles to a specific topic, and is open to all levels, unless otherwise stated.
Expect a good work out,  physical dialogue and encounters,  both beautiful and challenging dances, and a space where we dance more than we talk.
Best to wear soft, comfortable clothes, t-shirt w long sleeves and training pants, knee pads an advantage.

What is a jam?
A jam is an open forum for practicing Contact Improvisation, much like a social dance floor in other types of partner dancing. To attend a jam, you need to have a basic knowledge of contact improvisation, best to take at least 2-3 classes before. Some jams are guided, some have live music, some have many people, some have few, some you can bring your children – all jams are unique.
A jam is the dancers space to explore and challenge yourself, an space to grow as a dancer, integrating  our dance own experiences and style. A jam is also a great way to connect with new dance partners and meet colleagues, to dance with new and old friends, move, play and improvise together.

How do I join?
Come and dance, we welcome dancers and movers with all levels of experience. You will find the announcements of classes and jams on this page and in our facebook group.
Just ask if you have any questions.

Many greetings